Who We Are

Kenya Lend a Hand is made up of caring friends who promote self-sufficiency of families in Kibera, Africa by championing children and young mothers with necessities like food, clothes, and personal care items.

We maintain our organizational integrity through transparent operations coupled with a unique methodology for providing necessities directly to intended recipients. Kenya Lend a Handis an organization that bridges the gap between compassion and desperate need.

We work directly with AGAPE Hope For Kibera, a children’s development center located in the township of Kibera near Nairobi, Kenya. The center provides goods and services for 60 impoverished children who depend heavily on subsidies not provided elsewhere. The center relies on donations of food, clothes, and learning supplies of which they rarely have enough. AGAPE Hope for Kibera provides an unaccredited learning environment, meals, clothes, and auxiliaries structured to assist young mothers and the elderly.

Kenya Lend a Hand serves as the conduit between donors and those serviced by the AGAPE center in Kenya. We accept new and gently used clothes and shoes in sizes from toddler to teen, feminine care products, and school supplies for shipment to the AGAPE center. We solicit cash donations that are applied to these items, shipping, and operations costs.

What separates Kenya Lend a Hand from many other charitable organizations is our structure. As a grass roots organization, we don’t have the layers of administration, overhead, and hidden expenses that diminish the purpose. We share pictures of items being packed and then worn by the children. We encourage interaction with the children through pictures, videoconferencing, and letters.

When there are no food substitutes, no housing credits, no healthcare insurance there’s only caring people who aspire to make a difference. Kenya Lend a Hand is that difference, please join us and transform lives.

Our transparent operations invites and encourages donors to build bonds directly with the AGAPE center and the children they service. Donors and sponsors can view items as they are packed and receive pictures of items received by the children. That’s right, we will take a picture of the shirt as it’s packed and provide a picture with the child at the AGAPE center wearing the same shirt. Sponsors can receive real letters, pictures, and video conferencing sessions from the children and staff at the AGAPE center. Kenya Lend a Hand ensures two things, your kindness isn’t misappropriated and children’s lives, in one of the most poverty-stricken regions in the world, are saved. Please donate to this humanitarian effort, no obstacle is insurmountable when enhancing the lives of children. We at Kenya Lend a Hand believe that it’s easier to find a way than it is to walk away.

Please join us, through our collective efforts, positive change for impoverished children will be imminent!