Supporting a cause that addresses the needs of children in Africa is not only important because of the abundance of poverty that flourishes in that nation, but also because devoting little of our time and attention from our daily lives has the power to assure them that in this world, their lives matter. If you are searching for a way to impact the lives of others, contributing to a charitable organization like Kenya Lend a Hand will achieve that goal by granting individuals the capability to shed light in the lives of those who have lost sight of hope and faith due to their impoverished environment.


Winston Churchill once said “we make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give —“ With that being said, everyone can have the opportunity to make change by reducing the burdens of another and to leave a mark on the lives of generations to come. Having traveled to and experienced a number of cultures, I have come to understand that we all faceimpoverished misfortune in the environments we interact with however, often times I’ve noticed the lack of attention and care in other countries. For example, it’s hard to compare the impoverished communities here in America to the impoverished in Kenya. There aren’t many paying attention to the conditions and the suffering they endure daily. Their miracles are derived from meals and water.


Most of the time, the inhumane conditions that communities in Kenya are exposed to turn into silent cries in that they are never heard or seen because they are not covered in the news or media. It’s hard to seek a solution to a problem people don’t know exist. Knowing there is someone out there that cares and can help is the very idea that shapes humanity. Caring about the needs of children who don’t have access to the luxuries we often take for granted such as running water, clothing, and food defines all that we have to offer as humans interacting in the world. By donating or even spreading the word, we are giving children and communities hope, and by giving them hope we are impacting their lives.

Raven ParrisAdvocate, Kenya Lend a Hand supporter

For me personally, getting to see the smiling faces of all the children who benefitted from what we provided is what inspires me the most. Most of the things here we take for granted. I never realized that there are so many places still with no running water or electricity. These kids are just that, kids. Most of them have had no semblance of stability, or love in their lives-but knowing that someone so far away cares and wants to help them. That can change a person. There are many other charities I could donate to, but knowing for sure that my money, toys, clothes, or anything I give will go directly to the people that need it makes me feel confident in the service I’m donating to. My experience with the owners was nothing but positive as well. They explained in detail exactly where my donations would go, what items were needed, were very friendly and never made me feel pressured, and were very transparent through the process

Rachel RedmondAdvocate, Kenya Lend a Hand Supporter

By many definitions, those living in Kibera are considered the poorest of the poor. But when you’re rich in spirit, love, and joy, wealth has a new standard. As we assist those lacking the necessities of life, we can marvel in the tenacity, strength, and perseverance of those who have few materials

Ed WilliamsFounder Kenya Lend a Hand