The Kenya Lend a Hand Structure is built on three differentiating factors; to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the development of children and families, through the eradication of poverty and illiteracy in impoverished areas around the world, and through advocacy for those without influence. During the COVID-19 era, Kenya Lend a Hand has expanded it’s influence by facilitating a variety of outreach services including food distribution, heath care services, employment opportunities, and advocacy initiatives. In addition to feeding and educating children, these added initiatives are designed to assist the most victimized communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The vision of Kenya Lend a Hand is to set the standard for transparent operations through impeccable stewardship, integrity, and Christian character. Our goals are to provide the best learning environment, nourishing meals, and welfare services for the most impoverished children within the communities that we serve. Our long range goal is to construct a residential center designed to educate, feed, and house poor and abandoned children.