Our foundation is built on three differentiating factors; we assure that every donation is verified through pictures. As a donor you’ll receive pictures of a child wearing the shirt that you sponsored and/or the meal that you supplied. Independent of tangible contributions, we encourage and orchestrate opportunities to interact with the children of the AGAPE center. Saying hello to a child or staff member via video conference for example, makes their day. Because we’re a grassroots organization, we can ensure direct delivery of donated items to children in need without inconceivable administrative layers or ambiguous programs.


KLaH’s intent is to be the most transparent, financially efficient, charitable organization of its kind. We’ll do so by elevating the lives of the 60 children serviced by the AGAPE Hope for Kibera children’s center. We’ll diminish the disappointments and distractions that prevent a child from performing at their best. We pledge to do so by providing food, clothes, personal care products, and learning supplies through donations. By providing these staples, children in Kibera are given a chance to reach their potential; and the center can provide consistent services to the children they serve.